Spring House

Spring House

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some More Cards

Hi Everyone,

Here are a few more cards--I made all these yesterday and today. I can't take credit for the second through fifth cards, as I CASEd a card from Angela's blog . Her card is just gorgeous, and when I saw it I knew I had to replicate it.

Also, this weekend I decided to figure out how to put a slideshow in the sidebar of my blog. I found this one site that has a slideshow that I was able to work with. I also found a different configuration on this same site. Anway, for some real fun, double click on the slideshow that is at the bottom of the page (not the one in the sidebar) and it will open a new page. Click the button to make it a full page and then click the button to start the slideshow, then watch what happens. Unfortunately, I think this is Flash, so Apple users, i.e, Ipads, can't see the slideshow.


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  1. Dear Pat, all these cards are so PRETTY! I am honored that one of my cards inspired you. Thanks for visiting my blog!