Spring House

Spring House

Friday, January 9, 2015

Missed Deadline

Hi Everyone,

Here is a card I had made for Kara's celebration for 200 weeks on Pinterest. It was immediately after taking this picture that my camera died, and I didn't realize that it had taken this picture okay. So I'll post it anyway..........

Anyway, I am borrowing a camera for a short while, but in the meantime, I'm looking online for cameras. I found
this one
which looks absolutely amazing. Does anyone have one like this? It's been out for a year, and luckily the price has dropped a bit. I have an old fashioned phone since I have an iPad, I don't really feel like I need an iPhone or anything similar, but this camera does everything an iPhone does except make calls. Interesting.

It would be great to send photos immediately from the camera to the blog, but I am not sure how you would put your signature block onto the picture. Otherwise, to eliminate the step of entering it into Gimp would be a real plus.


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