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Spring House

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Don't Forget to Write Another Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever ruined the square and round die cuts that are part of the Don't Forget to Write kit? I have--many times! So I finally decided to find a way to make stamping on them more accurate. Ever since I've been doing this, I have had such great results. No more wasted time and paper.

So the first thing to do is ensure that you are using a straight piece of cardstock, because you might need to reposition it back in the corner.  Die cut the two elements that you need. If you will be placing words on these dies, make sure you cut the dies straight North South East West so that your words will be straight.

Place your stamps on end points of the die cuts and ensure they are lined up perfectly.
Ink up your stamps and then close the door and stamp. In this case, I chose two different colors of ink.
This should be your result--your stamp is perfectly aligned. Now take the die cut out and rotate it to the next point on the die cut.
Ink up your stamps and stamp again on the next two points. Everything should line up perfectly.
Continue rotating your die cuts until all four points have been stamped. You will notice in this example, all my points are perfectly stamped. I ended up doing about 10 sets of these and they all turned out perfect. Yay for Perfect Stamping!
I can't believe how simple this is and that I no longer have to fiddle around with these stamps to get a perfect finished product.
One more tip you may find helpful:  I really don't like the embossing marks on the two bouquet dies. At first I thought they were helpful, but then I noticed that the embossing lines serve to point out if your stamping is the slightest bit off.  Not Good!! So I have two remedies. The first is to put masking tape on the dies. This helps a bit. The other way is to use linen cardstock. For some reason, the embossing lines do not show up on the linen, and I love the look of it.
Please let me know if these tips are helpful to you.


  1. Pat, I also used the Misti like you did when I had to stamp those corners, makes it so much easier! And thanks for the tip on the embossing lines, I think they throw off where to stamp. I'll try using linen cardstock in the future.

  2. Great tutorial, Pat!! I don't have these particular stamps and dies, but I will use your guide for the ones I do have!!
    Many thanks.

  3. I've hardly used my kit, but now that I've found your tutorials hopefully that will change!